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Kings College, London


Client: Kings College London
Site: Kings College, London
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Single Contract – Local Authority
Programme: On Going Contract
Value: £1.2 million

Description of Works:

RIS have worked in an ongoing contract for Kings College (London) for the last 18 years. Through this time we maintained an ongoing 5 year contract.
We work closely with the compliance team to discuss progress, performance and upcoming work, all covered in monthly client meetings arranged and coordinated to suit the compliance team’s schedule.
The Kings College London’s Estate is a large scale land mass covering critical and historical buildings, all of which pay an intricate part of upholding the Kings College London’s prestigious image. King’s College London Chapel, Strand Campus, Guy’s Campus and the Maughan Library are just a small selection of the scale and astonishing impact of the Kings College Estate.
RIS are proud to have an ongoing role in the preservation and restoration of the estate including the demolition & remediation of the Kings College Hospital, Critical Care Unit.