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Connaught Estate

Client: Bower Contracting Ltd
Site: Connaught Estate
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Servics
Type of works: Asbestos Removal
Programme: 6 Months
Value: £760,000

Description of Works:

Built in the late sixties and early seventies, the multi-storey residential blocks of the Connaught Road estate are situated to the South of Woolwich town centre and in the last five decades have formed several hundred homes for the people of this suburb of London.

With the regeneration of Woolwich continuing apace, with a new railway station acting as a link to Crossrail, DLR link in place and a regeneration of the dockyard and arsenal the “One Woolwich” project, which incorporates the redevelopment of several estates into over 1,600 homes in the Woolwich area includes these works.

Reactive Integrated Services are undertaking the removal of asbestos to 320 properties including 18000m2 of artex, 16000m2 of asbestos containing vinyl floor tiles and insulating board throughout the estate.